A1 Cleaning Ltd is a private, limited Company established in March 2007 by Tanya Cannon. We carry out work for all types of industry and business, providing a first class cleaning services to Retail premises, Offices, Schools, Medical Centres, Pubs, Restaurants, Sports and Leisure Centres throughout Athlone and the Midlands.

Tanya Cannon Managing Director of A1 Cleaning & Maintenance Services Ltd has over 23 years experience in the Cleaning Industry. A1 cleaning is over a decade in business and in those years we have built a client base by consistently delivering high quality work and excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on offering very competitive rates and a highly dependable service that you can simply rely on.

In 2019 we expanded the product arm of the business and are now delighted to be offering cleaning products for sale to both corporate and domestic clients. 

Fully Vetted Staff

All A1 Cleaning Ltd staff are vetted, fully trained, uniformed and supervised.  Employees have received training to ensure that they fully understand their responsibilities and the hazards of the processes, safety precautions and emergency procedures of their role. This ensures all jobs are completed in the most efficient and safest manner.

Heath and Safety 

In accordance with our accident prevention policy, it is an ongoing objective of ours to achieve and sustain the highest standards in the areas of Health, Safety and the Environment. To this end we commit ourselves as an organisation to comply with all Irish and European safety legislation and to achieve the highest standard in environmental health and safety.

Fresh Approach

We are very confident that given the opportunity, we have the resources, skills, experience and competitive attitude to provide you with a fresh approach for all of your cleaning requirements.