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Biovitae Lights DOMUS

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Biovitae Lights DOMUS

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Biovitae Domus , the UV FREE LED bulb , is an antimicrobial illuminating device, designed to counteract the proliferation of bacterial and viral loads on surfaces subjected to direct action.        Fitting-E 27/ Size-60mm / Lumen-800 / Power Consumption 220-240watts /Hours-50000

  • The only UV-free LED bulb that kills viruses and bacteria
  • Ideal for all living and working spaces - also suitable for continuous operation
  • Double function - light and sterilization without additional devices
  • Will not cause damage to exposed materials and surfaces
  • No dangers and no risks for humans and animals
  • Enables highly effective germ reduction without any chemicals
  • Eliminates up to 99.8% of viruses and bacteria in the light cone of the lamp